GT Recovery for Windows

GT Recovery for Windows

Free Data Recovery Software for Your Windows PC

GT Recovery for Windows is a free tool that lets you recover data from your Windows PC. You can also use it to recover mobile phone data.

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  • No expert knowledge required
  • Free software
  • More recovery options with Windows


  • Not available for iOS yet
  • Could be buggy sporadically

GT Recovery for Windows is a free tool that lets you recover data from your Windows PC. You can also use it to recover mobile phone data.

Holistic Recovery

GT Recovery helps you recover both lost and accidentally deleted information. At times, you may lose your data after a factory resetting your device. Most people are aware of a factory reset's implications and they backup data beforehand. But there are instances when you may not have time to perform the backup as a factory reset would be right at your door banging. In such circumstances, you can go ahead with the reset and rest the responsibility on GT Recovery to recover the erased data. When there are huge number of files to be recovered, you can use the Smart Classification and Preview feature of GT Recovery for Windows to locate specific files.

Available for Android and Windows

GT Recovery for Windows supports multiple operating systems, including Android and Windows. Support for iOS has not yet arrived but that could have changed when you read this write-up. The Android tool is free and you can use it to recover lost information and also erase private information permanently. The app can be downloaded directly from Google Play. The Windows version offers multiple recovery methods, with some advanced measures added too. There is the Quick Recovery, Advanced Recovery and Mobile Data Recovery option. Also, you save scan results so that you need not scan multiple times.

Free Data Recovery software for windows and can recover mobile phones through a usb cable

GT Recovery for Windows is a simple and practical software that can easily help you recover files, photos, pictures, documents, audio, video, compression packages and more which were deleted or lost on your computer. Multiple recovery algorithms are supported, contains quick recovery to recover recent deleted files and advanced recovery to recover more files. Free and easy to use, download and use it right now!

The main features:

1. Quickly restore files which are deleted recently.

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GT Recovery for Windows


GT Recovery for Windows 2.4

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    yes i do . its good foor windows i need it to help foor facebook massenger

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